Valpeca Drilling And Well Services International, C.A.

Well Services

We have the latest technology equipment, which makes us more competitive and efficient in each of the service lines


Designed for drilling applications that use a hydraulic topdrive and drawworks with a hook load capacity of 200,000 pounds (88,964 daN) or a hydraulic injector and reel storage system with a hook load capacity of 110,000 lbs (48,400 daN) and snubbing capacity of 30,000 lbs (13,200 daN).

Inspection Tools

INSPECTIONS TOOLS, is an inspection system of Coiled Tubing and / or Coiled Rod (Corod), which Censuses and Monitors through an Electromagnetic Field (Hall Effect).

Artificial Lift

Valpeca Drilling and Well Services International C.A. (VDWSI). Company dedicated to the service of Sale, Maintenance, Conditioning and Technical Support for mechanical pumps, focused on Colombia, Panama, Venezuela.

Sales And Custom Machines

Valpeca has new generation quality products and equipment for industry innovation

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