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TAURUS INSPECTIONS TOOLS, It is an inspection system of Spiral Tubes or Spiral Rods (Corod), which Census and Monitor through an Electromagnetic Field (Hall Effect).


It is a system that offers a total of four (4) inspection tables or monitoring charts of the information shown, both for Coiled Tubing or continuous rod (all work independently). It also includes a series of eight (8) detection sensors independently. It has eight (8) independent possibilities of monitoring the welded joints by fusion, to be able to censor them through the magnetic field, providing 100% circumferential coverage of the Coiled Tubing or continuous rod, with this you have an exact knowledge of any possible defect or transverse deterioration or perhaps small wall loss defects that they may have.

What does it Offer ?

  1. Thanks to this monitoring, the information is obtained through voltage or current levels, this information is very accurate in terms of measuring the defects of localized wall thickness loss smooth faces or grooves that contains the pipe or rod
  2. 360 ° degree coverage is provided for monitoring for wall thickness loss defects, located approximately the entire diameter of the Coiled Tubing and / or continuous rod. Information can be obtained with minimum levels of thickness loss, which has been lost due to time, wear, friction or poor material quality.

Inspection capacity:

  • Colied Tubing
  • Continuous Rod
  • Conventional Rod

Inspection Speed:

  • 192 ft / min.

Faults Detected:
 Losses in wall thickness.

  •  Longitudinal cracks and gaps.
  • Detection of microscopic bites.
  • Corrosion and wear of the rod.

Registered Reading:

  • Qualitative / quantitative analysis of the data thrown.
  • Data delivery after inspection.
  • Real-time display of possible failures in the inspected rod.


  • Max electromagnetic coil: 70 VDC – 10 AMPS
  • Working voltage: 120 V – 20 Amp – 50 – 60 HZ
  • Working temperature: 5th to 45th C (41st to 113th F)

Real Time Monitor System

TIT, it allows the real-time visualization of any possible fault that could exist along the string, said faults are represented graphically, by means of peaks and curves generally proportional to the magnitude of the damage, said records are automatically stored in the computer, for later thorough analysis.

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