Valpeca Drilling And Well Services International, C.A.

Wellcome to Valpeca

Valpeca Drilling and Well Services International C.A. (VDWSI). Company dedicated to designing strategies for the development of the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas as well as for the provision of services in the area of ​​intervention to wells of the oil sector, for its maintenance, conditioning and rehabilitation, focused on Colombia, Panama, Venezuela The subsidiary is in execution of the total development in the drilling of two Exploratory wells in the Department of Casanare, Campo Cuervas, Colombia. Valpeca was incorporated in a shareholder meeting on August 23, 2011, today it is headquartered in Zulia State, Venezuela.
We have the latest technology equipment, which makes us more competitive and efficient in each of the service lines.
For this we require highly specialized resources and specifically trained manpower to meet 100% of the problems in each of our processes.

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