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Structure of integrated studies, in its different phases, I ,II, II, IV. visualitation, Characterizacion, Development, Simulations, Exploration Strategies.( We have expert allies in the field, with prove experience in national and international blocks and sites)

We Count on staff

Manager with high experience in the Differents Lines, form Wire line, Cementation, Fracture,Stimulation, Production, Repair and Maintenance to Wells, Operations with Directional MWD/LWD Tools to Directional Driller

VI.Exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas.. 

  • 200 K Hybrid Drilling Drill, with Built-in Coiled Tubing, Snubbing and Workover
  1. Drilling capacity with Coiled Tubing up to 6000 ft.
  2. Snubbing capacity 30,000 lbs.
  3. Fast move.
  • Development of reservoir management fundamentals
  • Structure of Integrated Studies, in its different Phases, I, II, III.IV. Visualization, Characterization, Development, Simulations, Exploitation Strategies.(We have allied experts in the field, with proven experience in national and international blocks and depositsl). 
  • Our corporation conducts study of engineering projects of different and varied complexity, from simple to extremely complicated and expensive

A trailer-mounted coil tubing rig consisting of a mast with integral substructure/work floor, drawworks, topdrive, injector, storage reel with level wind, and diesel powered hydraulic system. The rig is designed for drilling applications and includes means for handling jointed casing tubulars. The injector is fixed at a set height within the mast and can be deployed to well center by a hydraulic slide mechanism. All drilling functions are achieved via a remote control console that is designed for mounting in the customer-supplied doghouse. Set up functions are only achieved through controls mounted on the rig trailer.


Height                                    16 ft. 6 in.

Width                                     12 ft. 6 in.


The trailer is a high yield steel (T1) construction dual drop 75 Ton 24 wheel trailer with air ride suspension. With provision for a common air tandem axle booster. The front goose neck is sufficient in length to accommodate a typical tandem axle or 16 wheel jeep.


Note: The maximum capacity of the trailer suspension is 40,000 kg. When the CT rig is loaded with approximatley 400 meteres of 3 1/2” diameter coiled tubing the suspension is at it’s maximum rated capcity. Carrying any more coiled        tubing without the booster is not recommended or warrantied.


Disclaimer on Suspension: The Peerless 24 wheel air ride suspension is rated for a maximum load of 40,000 kgs. Any loading above this rating will cause premature component wear and may lead to a complete failure of the suspension system. Peerless will not warrant any component of the suspension system if loaded at any time above the rated capacity.



Dimensions (approximate)

75T (150,000 lb) capacity distributed per weight schedule, see attached.

Overall length 78’

Overall width 12’

Deck height 69”


Ground clearance (minimum)

Outriggers (hydraulically locked)

Peerless 24 wheel air ride suspension (patent pending). 40,000 kg capacity

18” fully laden at mid trailer

Six total (2 front with single pontoon, 2 center with single pontoon and 2 rear complete with individual landing pads). Rear outriggers only have secondary mechanical locking system. All outriggers are removable for ease of service. Front and mid outrigger pontoon retracts to be flush with main trailer rails.




Sufficient in length for use with (A) standard tandem drive truck (B) tandem axle or 16 wheel wheel jeep combination. 12’ wide gooseneck with 2″ SAE king pin with 3/8” upper 5th plate. 54” unladen king pin height, 24” king pin setting. One gooseneck KP position for all of the above – no extension or second KP position

Booster provision

Axles (6)

Trailer design to accept a tandem axle common air booster. Lug spacing 64”

Ingersoll F22H axles, (25,000 lb. capacity), 38” track, oil seals, dust shields, bolt on spiders with non-enclosed camshafts.


16-1/2” x 7” “Q” tapered, riveted brake shoes. Type 20 brakes and Haldex automatic slack adjusters. Brake capacity 22,500 lbs.

Hubs (12)

Wheels (24)

Tires (24)


10 stud aluminum hubs, cast outboard brake drums.

8.25×22.5 10 hole aluminum Alcoa wheels. Machined finish.

275/70R22.5 Bridgestone M840, 16 ply.


Pick up throat



Air System

Narrow pick up throat.

Continuous across rear of trailer.

for energy absorbing bumper as per US bumper requirements.

CMVSS & FMVSS approved air system. Relay emergency 2 line system. All  air lines are stainless wire braid.

Air System

CMVSS & FMVSS approved air system. Relay emergency 2 line system. All  air lines are stainless wire braid.


CMVSS & FMVSS approved electrical system. Sealed modular electrical system using Truck-Lite sealed beam lights


4 sets of air and electrical schematics will be provided along with a complete parts list.

Owner’s/Parts Manual

4 sets of Owner’s Manual with maintenance procedures and complete parts list

of all major components




The mast is a steel fabricated twin tube design with raising/lowering from two multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. The mast supports both means of hoisting induced by the injector and drawwworks winch. The mast supports the injector at a fixed height. The injector can be positioned for operation over well center by means of a hydraulic slide mechanism, this mechanism also retracts the injector off well center allowing for topdrive operation. Two hydraulic cylinders mounted vertically on mast legs with cables are provided to operate manual pipe tongs used in the makeup and breakout of threaded connections. In addition counterweights are provided to assist in the lifting and lowering of both the makeup and breakout tong wrenches

Mast load capacity (Casing)

Mast load capacity (Injector)

Mast casing length capacity

200,000 lbs.

110,0000 lbs.

Range III capacity

Dimensions based on the following:

From top side of rotary table bowl to top side of elevator (wth 72” bales) – 51’ 3” (15.6 m). Crown out allowance – 4’ (1.22m)

Crown sheave assembly

Travel block

22” diameter composite sheaves (one sheave fitted with encoder ring)

Two sheave (composite material) 75 ton capacity (integral with top drive)

Crown saver

Work platform

Installed at crown

Supplied at the injector location. Fitted with hand rails and kick plates.






Stewart and Stevenson

M 100

45,360 kg – 100,000 lb continuous pull, 18,144 kg – 40,000 lb snubbing 100 ft/min*

Drive group

Power group

Maximum tube size

Hook load

Depth counter

Travel lock out

Rexroth bent axis piston motors

Rexroth closed loop variable displacement piston pump

3 1/2″

Double acting load cell mounted in injector frame

Encoder provision at planetary drive

Insures injector is capable of being transported in a position that minimizes tubing reverse bend.



Weight (approximate)

Top mounted injector with hydraulically controlled traveling dolly system.


2,950 kg – -6,500 lbs

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